About Us


What is the Ultimate Cowboy Challenge?

The Ultimate Cowboy Challenge is an equine challenge which combines obstacles, speed and the skills found in ranch or farm-based work with the camaraderie of trail riding and the fun, competitive spectacle of racing. What separates the Ultimate Cowboy Challenge from other equine obstacle races is that we pride ourselves on being local, multidisciplinary and cost effective. The Ultimate Cowboy Challenge is open to any discipline of riding (western or english) as well as any breed of horse. This type of cross-training is great for both horse and rider as it strengthens the trust and partnership necessary to ride safely and de-sensitizes horses to a wide variety of objects and situation. 

The Voice of the ULTIMATE COWBOY


 The newest addition to our Ultimate Cowboy family  is Little "B" (A.K.A. Becky Duesling)  our announcer at both Second Chance Ranch and Norfolk County Fair. What our fancy friend lacks in size she more than makes up in personality and pizzazz. Little "B" brings  with her a wealth of experience in professional announcing as well as an upbeat attitude and amazing enthusiasm.

Linda Dunbar - Photographer


Linda has been taking photos as long as she can remember. She got her first SLR in high school and hasn’t looked back. Her favourite subjects are horses but she also enjoys other animal portraiture. Linda and her husband live in Norfolk County and have one horse, one dog and five cats.

Linda is extremely talented photographer who has been capturing the excitement of the Ultimate Cowboy Challenges since 2017. She has some amazing actions shots of many of our exhibitors, many of which can be seen in our photo galleries. To inquire or purchase any photos from Linda please feel free to contact her by e-mail at majorcj@icloud.com